Leave no Trace course

Level 1 - Instructor

20-hour course with Leave No Trace certification – Level 1 – Instructor. An ideal experience for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of Leave No Trace’s minimum impact principles. Course taught by Moaci Judson from Outward Bound Brasil.

Course content

  • History and overview of the Leave No Trace program, with parallels drawn to the Brazilian reality.
  • The role and function of the Leave No Trace organization, including the positive impacts of minimum impact principles.
  • Roles and functions of a Leave No Trace Level 1 Instructor.
  • The seven Least Impact Principles and the Leave No Trace ethic.
  • Information, techniques and teaching methods.
  • Practice feedback and pedagogical improvement processes for the development of future instruction.

Who is this course for?

Training course focusing on professionals in the outdoor activities market. For the initial editions, professionals from Gear Tips Club partner companies will preferably be selected.

Workload: 20 hours

Certificate validity: 2 years

Other information

The course takes place in the open air, with participants camping out. All the students take an active part in the process of building knowledge by teaching classes that involve the principles of minimum impact.

The Curos Leave No Trace Level 1 – Instructor certifies the trained instructor as fully knowledgeable in the practice of outdoor sports in line with minimum impact principles. It also enables participants to give lectures and workshops on the subject.

For Gear Tips Club partners, the training includes a training seal, which will be applied to their Gear Tips Club page, as well as authorization to use this seal on their own websites and communications, as long as the certificate is still valid.

This course complies with the technical standards ABNT NBR ISO 21102 and ABNT NBR 15398 and the international Leave No Trace guidelines.

Course instructor

Moaci Judson

Outward Bound Brasil

Formando em Geografia na UFRN e Educador ao Ar Livre na Outward Bound Brasil desde 2012, trabalha em programas em formato de Expedição com jovens e adultos, já tendo trabalhando em diversas regiões do Brasil (Chapada dos Veadeiros, Chapada Diamantina, Serra do Cipó e Serra da Mantiqueira), tem formação como Master Educator pela Leave No Trace e também primeiros socorros em áreas remotas.

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Leave No Trace Level 1 – Instructor – Turma 003

Location: Parque Nacional Caparaó, ES

Taught by: Moaci Judson

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What is the Capacitar Program?

The Capacitar Program was developed by Gear Tips so that Gear Tips Club partner companies can be increasingly prepared to meet the growing demand from new outdoor activity practitioners. By taking part in the Program, professionals receive a certificate and can use the training seals. Find out more.

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