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Knowledge and Sustainability

Gear Tips is a comprehensive ecosystem dedicated to connecting, empowering and equipping outdoor enthusiasts to have transformative and sustainable experiences in nature.

As a versatile platform, we act both as an educational hub and as a connecting cog. Through YouTube content, informative blog posts and impactful events – ranging from online conferences to hands-on workshops – we empower individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to embark on outdoor adventures and improve their performance.

Outdoor Gear Tips

Promoting knowledge

One of the pillars of Gear Tips Outdoor is to promote the training of professionals in the outdoor market and practitioners of outdoor activities. To this end, we have the Capacitar Program courses and online and face-to-face events. We also work on marketing actions and projects for brands, services and products.

Programa de Reciclagem Gear Tips

Gear Tips Green Hub

Our sustainability division

The Gear Tips Green Hub is the center of our sustainable initiatives, focused on minimizing our environmental impact and promoting eco-conscious practices. We highlight the Gas Cartridge Recycling Program and the neutralization of carbon emissions from our events and operations. Our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals guides these initiatives, aiming to create a greener and more sustainable future for outdoor enthusiasts. Join us on this journey with the Gear Tips Green Hub.

UIAA Mountain Protection Award 2023

International recognition

In October 2023, the Gear Tips Recycling Program was recognized internationally for its relevance as the winner of the 2023 Mountain Protection Award from the International Union of Alpinism Associations – UIAA. Find out more about the award.

Prêmio Proteção das Montanhas UIAA 2023

Discover our educational platform

Another Gear Tips cog in the wheel is our educational platform. The Gear Tips Club is an ecosystem of solutions aimed at bringing quality knowledge to the outdoor public.