Capacitar Program

Training courses

The Capacitar Program was developed so that Gear Tips Club partner companies can be increasingly prepared to meet the growing demand from new outdoor activity practitioners. The aim is for adventure schools, agencies, operators, guides, drivers and professionals in the field to be able to offer their clients experiences with greater awareness, quality and safety.

Training for Professionals

The Capacitar Program was created because Gear Tips believes that mastering certain technical skills is essential for professionals who carry out activities in nature, such as guides, conductors, leaders, instructors and other outdoor professionals. With this program, we aim not only to raise awareness of the importance of technical training for professionals, but also for those who hire these services.

The Capacitar Program courses are subsidized or free technical training, carried out with the support of a scholarship fund. This Scholarship Fund is made up of support and sponsorship from brands and companies, as well as a contribution from Gear Tips, which donates 10% of all sales of Gear Tips Club subscriptions and all Gear Tips events to the Scholarship Fund.

Courses offered

Curso Orientação e Navegação - Mapa e Bússola - Programa Capacitar

Orientation and Navigation

Map and compass

14-hour course with theoretical and practical content on orienteering, including topographic maps, UTM coordinate systems, compass, magnetic declination, azimuth, triangulation and the use of GPS and altimeter. Course given by Antônio Calvo from Armazém Aventura.

Curso Orientação e Navegação - Programa Capacitar Gear Tips
Curso Leave no Tracer Instructor Level 1 - Técnicas de Mínimo Impacto

Leave No Trace Level 1


20-hour course with Leave No Trace certification – Level 1 – Instructor. An ideal experience for those wishing to deepen their knowledge of Leave No Trace’s minimum impact principles. Course taught by Moaci Judson from Outward Bound Brasil.

Curso Primeiros Socorros em Áreas Remotas

First Aid in Remote Areas


The 40-hour WAFA (Wilderness Advanced First Aid) Course is medical training for remote professionals working in challenging environments. Course given by Samantha Chu from Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMAI-Brazil).

Course schedule


Leave No Trace Level 1 – Instructor – Turma 003

Location: Parque Nacional Caparaó, ES

Taught by: Moaci Judson

Technical standards met

The Capacitar Program follows the guidelines set out in the ABNT NBR ISO 21102 and ABNT NBR 15398 Technical Standards in order to prepare companies and professionals in the sector to high standards of quality and safety, promoting sustainability and offering a more reliable and satisfactory experience to their clients.

Empowerment Seals

On completing a course, the student can use the Training Seal to advertise the qualification on their website or social networks. The stamp will also be added to the partner’s Gear Tips Club page. On the Trained Students page, you can search for professionals who have already completed our training courses.

We have 4 Empowerment Seals: Minimal Impact (for those who have taken the Leave no Trace Level 1 – Instructor course), Navigation and Orientation – Map and Compass, First Aid in Remote Areas – Advanced (for those who have taken the WAFA – Wilderness Advanced First Aid course) and the Satellite Tracking (for those who own a SPOT and have taken the Security and Communication via SPOT course, in the Gear Tips Academy).

Curso Leave no Tracer Instructor Level 1 - Técnicas de Mínimo Impacto
Curso Orientação e Navegação - Mapa e Bússola - Programa Capacitar
Curso Primeiros Socorros em Áreas Remotas
Selo de capacitação em rastreamento Satelital

Frequently asked questions

The courses have been organized to train professionals who work with outdoor activities and are looking for specialized qualifications, especially Guides, Conductors, Leaders and Instructors, taking into account the best practices in the national and international market. Initially, the courses will only be offered to Gear Tips partner companies, but the aim is to train as many market professionals as possible over time, making the Capacitar Program a benchmark certification for Brazilian professionals.

Yes, the courses have certificates issued by Gear Tips (Capacitar Program certificate, which entitles everyone who completes the courses to use the seal of each course) and, in some cases, an international certificate. The Minimal Impact course is certified by Leave no Trace in the United States and everyone who completes it receives the Instructor Level 1 certificate. As for the First Aid in Remote Areas course, the student receives an international WAFA (Wilderness Advanced First Aid) certificate issued by the organization that runs the course for Gear Tips. Certificates are valid for 2 years, and recertification in the courses is required for the certificate to remain valid.

The Capacitar Program courses are specifically for professionals who work with outdoor activities and are Gear Tips partners. However, all the courses are available through our Partner Network, in the Adventure Schools category.

Members can take advantage of the discount offered by each adventure school and become increasingly prepared for outdoor activities.

Yes! The courses are specific training for professionals seeking qualifications, especially our partners. Check our schedule or contact us for the dates of upcoming courses. We also organize specific classes for partners who have several guides or professionals.

Yes, it’s possible. In this case, please contact our team so that we can better understand what type of course you could offer, to see if it is possible to add it to our Capacitar Program and when this can happen. Our aim is to train market professionals to meet the growing demand from new clients who want to experience nature.

Costs vary according to each course and its location, but all are subsidized by Gear Tips. Contact us for more information.

here our schedule of courses
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At the moment, priority is given to Gear Tips partners. However, we plan to expand the courses in order to train as many market professionals as possible. Sign up to receive information about upcoming courses.

Yes, if you complete the course. We have a specific seal for each course which will also be included on our website, indicating which professionals have each certification. Remember that certificates are valid for two years; on our website, the seal will no longer be displayed if recertification is not carried out.

In this case, simply send the certificate so that we can include it in our database. Please note that we only accept similar or higher certifications. For example, if you’ve taken the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) course, you won’t be able to get the seal because it has fewer hours than Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA).