Actions and Projects

Understand how Gear Tips, with its segmented audience and many years of experience, can help your brand achieve its marketing objectives through partnership actions. 

How we can help your brand

With an experienced team with more than 25 years in the outdoor market and a segmented and engaged community, Gear Tips offers a powerful platform for brands and companies to connect with the outdoor public. From live broadcasts and online events to strategic partnerships and customized content production, we are here to help your brand achieve its marketing goals and stand out in the market. Find out how we can boost your presence in the outdoor world and promote your products in an authentic and effective way.

Lives and Online Events

We organize live broadcasts and online events where your brand can connect directly with our audience. This includes interviews, product demonstrations, webinars and Q&A sessions to increase visibility and engage viewers.

Product launches

We offer a platform for launching new products, whether through articles, videos or dedicated events. This allows your brand to present its products to a segmented audience of outdoor enthusiasts.

Strategic Partnerships

We establish strategic partnerships with brands to promote products effectively. This can include joint marketing campaigns, content collaborations, sweepstakes and other initiatives to increase brand visibility.

Content Production

We create customized content to promote your products in an authentic and engaging way. This can include reviews, buying guides, usage tutorials and other types of content that highlight the benefits and unique features of your products.

Community engagement

We use our engaged community to promote and recommend your products. This can include the participation of influencers, testimonials from satisfied customers and interactions on social networks to create a buzz around your brand.

Data Analysis and Insights

We provide detailed analyses of campaign performance and audience engagement to help your brand better understand its target audience and optimize its marketing strategies.

Some actions already carried out


Launch of the Sea to Summit 2023 Collection, held via a live stream on March 14, 2023. Action carried out through a Landing Page, with a registration form to attract Leads. During the Live, the products were presented by Pedro Lacaz Amaral and, at the end, the Sigma Cookset 2.1 kitchen kit was raffled off among the participants.


Action carried out in partnership with Deuter for the launch of the 2023 collection. The action was a live with Pedro Lacaz Amaral to present the Shorttrail (trail running), Pulse (hiking and MTB), Versatil (waterproof backpacks), Cabezon (bikepacking) and Jaypack (photography) lines. At the end, a raffle for a Deuter backpack was held among the participants.

Jeep Test Drive and Workshop


Action carried out in partnership with Jeep, sponsor of the III Mountaineering Journey, which involved a test drive of a Jeep during the Journey. Before the event, a workshop was also held at Jeep Prime Rio on Trekking Equipment.


Cultural competition developed by Gear Tips to encourage the sharing of recipes that can be made on camping trips. Participation in the competition was voluntary, free of charge and open to anyone over the age of 18. In the end, the winner of each category won a Sea to Summit prize kit and was invited to speak at the 2nd Gear Tips Online Trekking Congress!