Outdoor Summit

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The Gear Tips Outdoor Summit is the latest chapter in our journey of sharing knowledge and experiences in the world of outdoor activities.

We have already held 4 Online Congresses dedicated to Trekking and Trail running.   The success of these events, together with the increased demand for quality content and the opportunity to reach a global audience, inspired us to evolve into something even bigger and more comprehensive.

A new proposal

The Outdoor Summit marks a new stage in Gear Tips’ commitment to training people in different types of outdoor activities, so that they can enjoy experiences in nature in a safe, rewarding and sustainable way.

The aim of the Gear Tips Outdoor Summit is to be an inclusive and diverse online event, where enthusiasts from various disciplines can come together to share knowledge, learn and be inspired. We will bring you a wide range of topics, interests and disciplines – from camping to high mountain climbing, from hiking to cycle touring – with renowned speakers and experts from all over the world.

Areas of interest

Like Gear Tips, the Outdoor Summit is based on five main areas of interest:

  • Physical and Mental Conditioning
  • Equipment and Technology
  • Technical Skills
  • Sustainability
  • Destinations

Outdoor Summit 2024 is coming

The event will be held in the second half of 2024! The date and more information will be announced soon. Register your e-mail address to be informed first hand!

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