First Aid Course

in Remote Areas - Advanced

This course refers to the WAFA (Wilderness Advanced First Aid) curriculum with 40 hours of medical training for remote professionals working in challenging environments. Course given by Samantha Chu from Wilderness Medical Associates International (WMAI-Brazil).

Course content

  • Introduction and general concepts;
  • Infection control;
  • Patient assessment system;
  • Circulatory and respiratory systems;
  • CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation);
  • Basic life support (BLS);
  • Nervous system and spinal administration;
  • Musculoskeletal injuries;
  • Lifting, moving and extrication;
  • Splints;
  • Extremities;
  • Thermoregulation;
  • Bites and stings;
  • Damn;
  • Wounds and burns;
  • Allergy and anaphylaxis;
  • Improvised patient loading;
  • Medicine for natural areas;
  • Evaluations and case studies;
  • Patient assessment exercises and simulations.

Who is this course for?

Training course focusing on professionals in the outdoor activities market. For the initial editions, professionals from Gear Tips Club partner companies will preferably be selected.

Workload: 40 hours

Certificate validity: 3 years

Other information

WAFA is a training course designed for remote professionals or outdoor leaders who venture into moderately remote and challenging environments. Unlike first aid courses aimed at urban environments, WAFA teaches how to deal with medical emergencies when hospitals and rescue services may not be available for an extended period. Students are prepared for emergencies involving prolonged patient care, harsh environments and improvised equipment.

The WAFA program certifies the participant with a diploma in Wilderness Advanced First Aid (WAFA) and Level A CPR, for professionals and leaders in outdoor activities to apply the knowledge acquired and promote first aid in emergency situations in remote areas in a qualified and safe manner.

For Gear Tips Club partners, the training includes a training seal, which will be applied to their Gear Tips Club page, as well as authorization to use this seal on their own websites and communications, as long as the certificate is still valid.

This course complies with the technical standards ABNT NBR ISO 21102 and ABNT NBR 15398 and the guidelines of the International Wilderness Medical Association.

Course instructor

Samanta Chu

WMAI - Brasil

Samanta Chu é representante da WMA International no Brasil desde 2011, ministrando cursos de primeiros socorros para áreas remotas no Brasil e no exterior. Possui formação de técnico de emergências médicas para áreas remotas (WEMT) nos EUA e de guia de turismo de aventura no Canadá. Samanta foi Diretora Técnica da Federação de Montanhismo do Estado de SP por 8 anos, é membro benfeitor do GRM (Grupo de Resgate em Montanha – SC), praticante de diversas atividades outdoor (escalada em rocha, montanhismo, caiaque oceânico, parapente), guia profissional e educadora, conduzindo jovens e adultos em atividades e vivências na natureza.

Next dates

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Supporters of this course

What is the Capacitar Program?

The Capacitar Program was developed by Gear Tips so that Gear Tips Club partner companies can be increasingly prepared to meet the growing demand from new outdoor activity practitioners. By taking part in the Program, professionals receive a certificate and can use the training seals. Find out more.

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