Orientation and Navigation Course

Map and compass

The Orientation and Navigation Course – Map and Compass offered as part of the Capacitar Program covers training that is balanced between theory and practical skills. The lessons cover route planning strategies, landmark identification and safe navigation techniques.

Course content

  • Topographic maps (legend, scale, contour lines, etc.);
  • UTM coordinate systems, Compass (needle, protractor, base, etc.)
  • Magnetic declination (how to calculate declination and apply it to the map);
  • Azimuth (how to follow an azimuth and how to set an azimuth);
  • Triangulation (how to find your position using other known references);
  • Basic instruction on the use of GPS and altimeter.

Who is this course for?

Training course focusing on professionals in the outdoor activities market. For the initial editions, professionals from Gear Tips Club partner companies will preferably be selected.

Workload: 16 hours

Certificate validity: 2 years

Other information

The lessons cover route planning strategies, landmark identification and safe navigation techniques. Participants learn to understand topographical maps and use the compass efficiently to find their way around a variety of terrains, with practical lessons taking place in natural environments.

For Gear Tips Club partners, the training includes a training seal, which will be applied to their Gear Tips Club page, as well as authorization to use this seal on their own websites and communications, as long as the certificate is still valid.

This course complies with the technical standards ABNT NBR ISO 21102 and ABNT NBR 15398.

Course instructor

Antônio Calvo

Armazém Aventura

Antônio Calvo é guia de montanha, instrutor, palestrante e empresário. Formou-se como instrutor de atividades ao ar livre no Canadá pela Outward Bound em 2004. Possui experiências guiando na Antártica pelo Programa Antártico Brasileiro, nas Rochosas Canadenses, na Cordilheira dos Andes e, claro, em nossa linda Serra da Mantiqueira. Em 2010 criou a sua própria empresa – o Armazém Aventura – que concentra toda essa experiência em uma loja, operadora turística e também escola. Localizada no centro de São Bento do Sapucaí – SP, aos pés da Pedra do Baú.

Next dates

We don’t have any new dates scheduled for this course yet.

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What is the Capacitar Program?

The Capacitar Program was developed by Gear Tips so that Gear Tips Club partner companies can be increasingly prepared to meet the growing demand from new outdoor activity practitioners. By taking part in the Program, professionals receive a certificate and can use the training seals. Find out more.

Previous editions

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Date: 10/10/2023

Location: São Bento do Sapucaí, SP