No more noodles! Prove you’re the best and most creative Mountain Cook and win a prize kit!

The Mountain Cooking Contest aims to bring together all the recipes that make outdoor activities even more enjoyable!

There will be three winners, one in each category, and those with the most original, practical and detailed recipes will be chosen.

To take part, simply fill in the registration form with your best mountain recipe, indicating the ingredients, equipment used, method and time of preparation and your contact details. You can take part with as many recipes as you like!

The winner of each category will take away a fantastic prize kit and will also be invited to speak at the 2nd Gear Tips Online Trekking Congress!

Registration must take place between 26/08/2019 and 27/09/2019.

Read the full regulations. Click here.


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We don’t eat for many hours between the last meal of the day and waking up. Which recipe gets your day off to a good start?


Time to call for reinforcements! The second meal of the day helps to replenish the energy expended during sport. What dish could be practical, tasty and perfect for this meal?


It got dark. Now is the time to replenish the energy and nutrients you’ve used up during a whole day of walking. This is the time of day with the most time to prepare something more elaborate. What’s your best recipe?

– 1 X-Pot 1,4 L Sea to Summit
– 1 X-Bowl Sea to Summit
– 1 X-Mug Sea to Summit
– 1 Spark Azteq Stove
– 1 TekGas NTK Gas Cartridge
– 1 Buff Gear Tips Bandana
– 1 Chute bottle 750 ml CamelBak
– 1 Liofoods Chicken Stroganoff Kit

We will have a winner in each of the three categories (Breakfast, Lunch/Trail Snack and Dinner). The criteria for choice will be Originality, Practicality of Preparation and Richness of Detail. The evaluation will be carried out between 31/09/2019 and 04/10/2019 by a judging panel made up of 2 members of the Gear Tips team and 2 experts in outdoor activities. For more information, see the regulations.

Have you sent in your recipe for the competition? Congratulations, you’ve been selected for the 1st Gear Tips Mountain Cooking ebook!

Whether you win or not, every recipe is special and we couldn’t do any different! By submitting your recipe, it will be included in the Cooking in the Mountains Gear Tips ebook!


The “Mountain Cooking” Cultural Contest is organized and run by GEAR TIPS and seeks to find the best recipes that can be made on camping trips. Participation in the competition is voluntary, free of charge and open to anyone over the age of 18 (eighteen).

Take part! Show off your culinary talent and compete for prizes.


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